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Car Key Duplicate

Car Key Duplicate

Car key duplication is a specific type of key cutting that requires a functional key to be present during the process. A key duplicator is used, which is distinct from a code cutter that cuts a key based on a numerical code representing the key’s physical appearance. Key duplication involves some automation but relies on an existing key to create a copy. If no additional key is available, a different method must be employed to generate a new spare.

An experienced auto locksmith is crucial for the proper functioning of a key duplicator. The machine must be calibrated correctly between its blade and key reader, and the keys should be set up properly in the duplicator. Novices may face challenges due to the artistry involved, which isn’t an exact science. Using a copy of a copy for duplication can result in the key not working in the car, as the farther a copy is from the original, the higher the chances of it failing. When requesting car key duplication, always provide the auto locksmith with the original key or the closest version you possess.

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