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Ignition Lock Cylinder Replacement

Ignition Lock Cylinder Replacement

Signs of ignition problems can include a worn ignition lock cylinder replacement pins, connection failures, or an engine that won’t crank despite the key turning in the ignition. In some cases, the ignition switch may be the issue, and in others, a malfunctioning receiver may be responsible. A worn ignition switch can also cause the car to stall while driving.

To replace the ignition lock or cylinder, the steering column cover often needs to be removed. Some vehicles have an access hole that simplifies the removal process. The ignition lock may be secured with various methods, such as plastic covers or fastening screws. Once these are removed, the key is placed in the ignition. If the key is broken, a locksmith can extract it and possibly duplicate it from the key code. The ignition cylinder is unlocked by locating the push pin locking mechanism and pushing it until it clicks. In some cases, the key may need to be turned slightly to the right as the pin is pushed in. Once the cylinder is removed, the process is reversed to install the new one. This procedure can be more complex for certain cars, requiring the removal of steering wheels or airbags.

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