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Trust your local San Antonio locksmith experts for any jammed door scenario
If your key snapped off inside your lock: STOP IMMEDIATELY

  • Do not try to push it
  • Do not turn it
  • Do not insert any tool

Any of these actions could place you in a worse position as the key blade could go farther in.

Pick up the phone and call Key Kong Locksmith in San Antonio and tell us exactly where you are and your problem. We will be right at your door as quickly as possible, and use our special tools to get you out of trouble.

  • We will assess the problem
  • We will make use of the right tools and techniques
  • And we will only charge you a fraction of the market cost

Our professionals are trained to handle all situations in a cost-effective way to make sure you do not have to break the bank after your door is fixed.

Remember: Only licensed and certified locksmith professionals should be allowed to manipulate your locks!

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