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Denver Heights

Denver Heights is a neighborhood in the inner city area of San Antonio, Texas. Denver Heights is on the near Eastside of San Antonio. It’s just a one-mile walk to Southtown, and a little more than that to get to downtown. Some of the pluses of the place are the low cost of living, the many local amenities, the sunny weather, and the high graduation rates. As usual, for an inner-city neighborhood, high crime rates always pop up as one of the leading cons. However, some residents feel that the place is not better nor worse than many similar communities around the country.

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According to some estimates, the population of Denver Heights is around 3,500 people. Figures vary somewhat, but the real number will be available after the 2020 Census. The median or average age of the area residents is 27.5. The median age in Denver Heights is 17% lower than San Antonio. There are 1.1 men for every woman in the area. 66.74% of the population is Caucasian, and 12.90% of the population is African American. There is no Asian population in Denver Heights. The rest of the community is comprised of people of other races, 19.28%, and mixed-race 0.32%.

Poverty is an issue in this area of San Antonio, as around 65% of the residents fall below the US$ 40,000 annual income line, while 14% is at or below the US$ 10,000 line. Other sources place the figures at 72.27% and 14.4% respectively.


Denver Heights is a neighborhood that developed around Fort Sam Houston, whose origins date back to 1845 when the Post at San Antonio was established in the Alamo City. Denver Heights is one of the oldest urban sections of San Antonio. Black people’s settlements took place on the eastern side of the San Antonio River as early as the 1700s. Thus, from the very beginning, San Antonio’s black community helped in shaping the city’s history. There is historical evidence that darker-skinned people were forced to live east of the river. That´s, how the Eastside became the black section of town and the future home to San Antonio’s African-American community, including what is now Denver Heights.


The neighborhood shows a high level of criminal events happening despite city efforts to keep crime under control. According to some statistics, for every 100,000 people, there were 8,789 crimes in the area in 2016. Violent crimes reached a height of 1,067 while 7,721 were property crimes. The overall crime rate in Denver Heights is 210% higher than the national average. There are 24.08 daily crimes in Denver Heights. A resident of Denver Heights has a 1 in 12 chance of becoming a victim of any wrongdoing.


According to some area neighbors, Denver Heights is close to many amenities, shopping places, restaurants, theaters and many other kinds of businesses. However, the neighborhood itself doesn´t have a sufficient number of business venues to serve the community. Some reasons that explain the lack of commercial facilities in the area are directly related to the inadequate infrastructure like bad-quality streets. For instance, the City’s Transportation and Capital Improvements Department rates streets on a scale from 1-100, and some roads have received a 7. Large metal supports for transmission lines are set in people’s front yards, which obviously makes the area look bad.

Almost all bus stops around are uncovered, the few bike lanes are in sore need of repainting, and there are no B-Cycle stations. Several streets lack curbs or sidewalks. Some residents claim that if the City took care of those issues, the neighborhood would attract more businesses.

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Denver Heights is close to a lot of amenities. Walk to Southtown for yoga classes. Freetail is a brewery just under the highway. The Library is in the heart of downtown. Merit Roasters or White Elephant are coffee shops a quick bike ride away. Movie theatres and shopping malls are close by. The Urban Farm Stand on Presa Street is a market that has a lot of options for the consumer. Similarly to the rest of inner-city neighborhoods, Denver Heights residents can visit parks like River Walk which offers attractions, shopping facilities, and diverse restaurants. Also, they can visit SeaWorld San Antonio, or take a cruise on San Antonio River, to name just a few options available in and around the city.

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