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Helpful tips of how to avoid emergency lockout situations

Statistics shows, that most people will be in need of a locksmith service usually related to an emergency unlock situation, at list once in their lifetime. When we are called out to an unlock service, we noticed that the customer is usually feeling upset or stressed out about the whole situation. I am sure almost anyone can relate to these feelings. Though, it does not mean that the person is forgetful, irresponsible or messy as they might feel at these uncomfortable situations- It can literally happen to anyone!

Most people have keys to almost everything they own and want to keep safe and private. It can be related to their home, auto or business. For example, every person has a key to his home whether they own it or just lease it. Some people have multiple keys for different locks of the same home to keep some of their belongings private, as important document and jewelry .Also, some items, as guns, are required by the law to be kept under lock and key if kids live in the home in order to keep the kids safe, not just the guns. In addition, every car owner has a key to his car; some people have 2 different keys to the same car and may cause confusion sometimes. 

On this blog, we will discuss and provide tips of how to keep your keys safe from losing them and to avoid situation of getting stuck out of the blue.

Locked out of a car

Most of the emergency lockout calls we get are for individuals who got locked out of their car. it can happen when the person is in a rush. So there are multiple options of when your car can get locked by “itself”. The most common reason is simply rushing out of your car right after shutting the car off and leaving the key on the seat. When the car has electric door locks it might lock the door automatically. Sometimes it happens when the customer didn’t even plan to leave his car, rather he just needed to fill his car up with gas and left it for a second, shut the door accidentally and realized that the car is locked a second later. It can be very frustrating, since one second of rush actually will cost you spending more time and even money. The second reason, and the more expensive one, is simply by misplacing the key or losing it. It can happen at your home, work, at a store while shopping or anywhere else. Usually customers with lost car keys will wait longer for a car key locksmith versus waiting for a car unlock service, simply because it takes longer to cut a key to a car than unlocking a car. Therefore it’s a good idea to follow the next tips:

  1. We recommend that every person will keep an additional car key in his wallet, bag or purse. Keyed ignition cars can have a valet key, its light and thinner than the original key. While it will not start your car, it will definitely be able to unlock your door- that will help in case you locked your car keys in your car. If your car is newer and has push to start ignition style, we recommend keeping an extra key in your bag. So if you have only one set of keys- it is highly recommended to get a duplicate of your car key, its cheaper than cutting a key from scratch.
  2. If you don’t like to wear a bag or a purse, we recommend keeping a copy at your home, at your office or even with a friend, that might be available to you at most times. 

Locked out of home

That’s the second most common emergency lockout calls we get for people who locked themselves out of their residence. When a person lives in an apartment complex and got locked out during their business hours- he will be easily able to get help from them by simply requesting a copy of his key. But what happens when it is afterhours and the office is closed? Similarly, when a person leases a home he might be able to contact his landlord for a copy, but what happens when the landlord is not available right away? It is definitely not a convenient solution.  In a different case, when a person owns a home and does not have who to ask for help, he might get suck outside of his home for few hours, especially if it is during night time when less locksmith technician are available or during rush hour when it takes longer to get to the customer. We want to save you time and money. Therefore, we collected some tips for you:

  1. Always keep a spare home key at your car if you have one. It does not take much space and will be helpful for sure one day.
  2. You can also keep a copy in your wallet, purse or bag like we suggested earlier.
  3. If you have a neighbor you trust- you can definitely give him a copy and he can give you a copy of his home key so you both be able to rely on each other.
  4. If you don’t mind investing a bit, we recommend getting a lockbox. It has a code you can choose and you can put your home key there without having to worry about ever being locked out.
  5. In case you are looking to upgrade the security of your home locks in addition to making sure you will not get locked out- we recommend installing keypad door locks- mechanical or electronic, to have easy access to your home.

Locked out of anything else

As we mentioned earlier, it is a good idea to have a spare key to everything you keep locked. Some of the calls we get are regarding your safe, your jewelry box, tool box, desk etc. you can always designate a drawer to all your spare keys.

 Remember, it will save you time and money if you follow those tips. But if you ever get locked out of your home, car or business, know that you can trust us! We offer around the clock emergency lockout services and we can also make most of the car keys in the market. Our technicians are certified and licensed and ready to assist you in a timely manner.

Call us at key Kong Locksmith- we got your back!