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When it’s time to get new locks?

A high quality lock will last for many years, but there are circumstances where you will need to consider installing new locks. In one of the previous blogs, we explained the importance of changing your home locks if they are starting to wear off either by lock or functionality since that is a sign they are not keeping your home safe anymore. This time, we’re going to discuss some other situations where you should also consider changing your home locks, probably sooner than later.

Moving Into a New Home

For the sake of your own security and privacy, you should always put in new locks when you move into a new home. The previous tenants may still have a copy of the that key, in addition to keys they may have given during the time living there to their friends or other family members or even other professionals.

When the home is put out for sale for a while, the realtor probably placed a lockbox on the door with the key inside of it. Anyone may have a duplicate of that key. That usually includes real estate agents, sub-contractors and anyone else who entered the home during the sale period time.
If your home is a rental home, then Please pay attention that you generally need permission from your landlord to make any changes to your locks or key. In addition, if you are permitted to install new locks, you might have to provide your landlord a duplicate key.Leave of personal assistants
In most cases, a home owner usually hires assistants as nannies or babysitters, housekeepers or others at some point. These assistants are sometimes needed a copy of your house key. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to let your assistants go, for whatever reason. Therefore, it will be a good idea to replace your locks at that point. Especially, in case you suspect of a theft or if they left in bad terms.

Fixing malfunctioning Locks

Locks, as any other hardware, can have wear and tear. If you suspect that your locks are damaged, they may be though to turn and your keys may even get stuck. You can try to call a professional locksmith to make an attempt to repair your locks but it is not always possible. In this case, you will have to replace your home locks for the sake of your security, but please pay attention that sometimes your existing locks are discontinued and you cannot get the same ones. In this case, we can try to find a similar locks in the shape and color to your current home locks.

Upgrading to high security locks

When feeling insecure or unsafe in your home or even just if you feel that you need a change to your home, new locks will definitely be the best route. Upgrading to a high security locks as electronic locks or keypads will allow you to lock and unlock your door with a code, so there’s no need to worry about losing your home keys again. In case you gave your code to someone and you don’t want them to be able to enter your home at some point, you can always change the code, very easily. so If security is your main reason of replacing your locks, there are so many security locks and systems that beep or record a photo of anyone entering for example. Finally, there are even locks that connect to an app on your phone in case you forgot to lock your door so you can do it remotely with your phone.
Please note that there are many high security locks in the market that are not electronic, if you do not like that kind. Those locks look more like conventional locks as your deadbolts, knobs or levers. You can always discuss your option with an experienced locksmith technician.

Adding comfort and accessibility

Finally, in some cases, you may require to change your locks for personal health issues such as arthritis or other similar issues. If you have door knobs with locks, you may want to switch to levers. They don’t require you to grip them. Similarly, with deadbolts, you can switch to thumb turns. You simply move them with your thumb rather than by

grasping the lock.

Now that discussed your options for changing locks, know that in case your locks are in good standing condition and you are still pleased with them but only want to have a new key- you might not have to replace your locks. Instead you will need to rekey your locks. The rekeyed lock only works with new keys, and as a result, it is as effective, from a security perspective, as putting in new locks. The rekeying process can fix issues with the cylinder or chamber, and the locksmith tech can also grease the lock to improve functionality.

At Key Kong Locksmith you will find all the answers you need. So If you’re ready to replace or upgrade your locks, give us a call .We get the job done right and we will make sure you are very pleased, in every aspect.

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