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Gardendale is a neighborhood in the Bexar County in San Antonio, Texas. The following areas surround it: Community Workers Council, Community Workers Council-Los Jardines, and Los Jardines. In general, it ranks well below other neighborhoods in San Antonio regarding living conditions. The most commonly cited advantages of the area are the low cost of living and the sunny weather. According to the Council for Community and Economic Research data for 2017, the neighborhood shows a cost- of -living index of 76, significantly lower than the national average of 100 points. Also, on average, it is 16% cheaper to live in Gardendale than in the rest of San Antonio. The average cost of buying a house in Gardendale is about 61% less expensive than in the rest of the US. Everything, from buying groceries to health care services to goods and services in general, seems to cost less in the area. Some of the cons of living in Gardendale are directly related to the high crime levels it reports, especially property crimes, which almost triple the national average.

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Gardendale has a population of 3,339 people. There are about 0.8 men for every woman and people, on average, are 36.6 years old. Most of the people in the neighborhood (91.55%) are Caucasian from diverse ethnic origins, while only 0.03 % is Asian. There seems to be no African-American population in Gardendale. The rest of the community is Native Americans, 1.35%, and other races, 7.07%. Almost half of the men, 47%, in Gardendale who are 15 years of age and older are married, against 36% of the women. The majority of the population, 67%, make their living by earning a salary; 52% receive Social Security and supplemental income, 6% report being self-employed, 5% report living on their investments while 16% cite their retirement income as their primary source of income. Finally, 11% mention having another, unidentified, source of income.


Safety is a real issue in the Gardendale area. According to FBI reports, the overall crime rate in the neighborhood more than doubles the national average. The crime rate has increased at an annual rate of 5% since 2015 and, currently, the probability for a resident of becoming the victim of any crime is 1 in 12. Furthermore, every day there are 24.47 crimes for every 100.000 people in the neighborhood. A resident of Gardendale has a chance of 1 out of 93 of being the victim of a violent crime, and a chance of 1 out of 13 of becoming the victim of a violent crime.


There are many amenities available to the residents of Gardendale. The fact that San Antonio is also a tourist spot, with several million visitors every year, has a significant impact on the economy of the area. However, the neighborhood itself lacks any tourist attraction, and most amenities are to be found in the San Antonio area like, for instance, the San Antonio River, which is a long river that starts in central Texas with a group of springs right near the middle of the town of San Antonio. Today it’s banks host some historical mansions and the San Antonio River´s Walk. Another park that attracts tourists is Natural Bridge Caverns. They are near the city and are one of the most significant and most historical of its kind within the state of Texas. The Alamo is another place for tourists to visit. It is a former historic fortress and Roman Catholic mission that is at the intersection of Houston and Alamo Plaza. Since 1905, the Daughters of the Republic of Texas have managed the site. The Alamo is currently a visitor complex. However, it attracts fewer and fewer visitors every year. SeaWorld San Antonio is a marine animal theme park that offers 250 acres of amusement park rides, marine animal exhibits, shows, and family-friendly attractions. The amusement park offers thrill seekers the Great White and Steel Eel roller coasters and the Journey to Atlantis water coaster. Sesame Street Bay of Play hosts the children’s rides, and the Aquatica waterpark features 42,000 square feet of sandy beach in addition to rides.


The neighborhood has businesses of many kinds, especially in the service sector like, for instance, Samurai Geek Design in the design industry. In the manufacturing area, Lone Star Iron Works, makes window guards, iron fences, and doors. There are businesses in the financial sector too, like tax returns preparation, as well as florists and a uniform rental company. There are some locksmiths and, in general, restaurants, and a food equipment company called Avila Food Equipment.

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