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Prospect Hill

Prospect Hill, a neighborhood in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas, has a population of 120,828 people and is considered by some neighbors a very walkable area. Prospect Hill is among the most walkable neighborhoods in the city (ranked 43 out of 228 sectors of San Antonio, according to WalkScore.com). Every errand can be accomplished within walking distance from many parts of the neighborhood.

Public transportation and bicycle lanes are typical in the place. Buses, like 75 and 76, pass every 15 minutes. Some people prefer to ride a bicycle to move even faster. Bicycle lanes, pedestrian traffic, and quiet residential streets that connect the neighborhood to downtown, make this a safe area in the city to commute by bicycle. Many people like the area because of the lots of local amenities that the neighborhood has, its low cost of living and the sunny weather.

Having said that the place has desirable features, cannot hide the fact that there´s also been an increase in crime since 2015 that´s affecting the neighborhood. Some residents say their families have become victims of the neighborhood’s crime. Some business owners are also concerned as crime has impacted their customer base. Neighbors are circulating a petition calling on the San Antonio Police Department and city leaders to place a police storefront substation on North Zarzamora Street. That area, in particular, is plagued by crime according to several Prospect Hill residents.

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Many residents of Prospect Hill are proud of the history of this community. It was a rather poor neighborhood, one of the first communities built west of downtown in the early 20th century. Most of the families who started populating the area were working class people associated with the railroad while others were immigrant families from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. They came to San Antonio in search of a safe and nurturing community to raise their families.

Throughout the 1930s, ‘40s, and ‘50s, the neighborhood provided the sound foundation that children required to grow, learn and succeed. Some famous people seem to have come from this area like, for instance, the well-known actress Carol Burnett, the famed politician Henry Cisneros and the legendary landscape artist Porfirio Salinas, to name a few. Prospect Hill was the original cradle for a generation of businesspeople, artisans, civic leaders, military heroes and doctors, successful beyond expectation and dedicated to bettering themselves, the lives of others and their community.


Just a few blocks from Buena Vista Street there is an H-E-B grocery store, a dry cleaner, a pharmacy, the Bazan Branch Library, a beauty salon, numerous restaurants and taco stands for a quick bite during lunch. Guadalupe Street Coffee is a neighborhood hangout and meeting place much more interesting, according to some residents, than any Starbucks because of its community supported programs like youth cooking classes, bicycle repair workshops and local art hanging on the walls. Of course, the delicious, healthy meals prepared fresh daily by their accomplished chef also counts.

Prospect Hill has a whole lot of businesses serving the area, for instance, Deco Pizzeria on Fredericksburg Road and Capparelli’s On Main, on Main Avenue. There are also hardware stores on Cambray Drive and bookstores like Half Price Books on NW Loop 410. In general, the area has a diverse and complete group of businesses to cover the needs of the residents.

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Prospect Hill people have access to virtually the same kind of activities that San Antonio residents do. The place can offer visitors some of the best cultural institutions, events, restaurants, and nightlife in South Texas that both natives and tourists enjoy. Because of its numerous attractions, specifically Sea World, the Alamo, Spanish missions, the River Walk, the Tower of the Americas, the Alamo Bowl, and Six Flags Fiesta Texas theme park, the city is visited by approximately 26 million tourists per year according to the San Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau. The city is home to the annual San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo show.


There is a total of 120, 827 people in the area. The male population is 60,577, and the female population is 60,251. The people in Prospect Hill average 33.15 years of age. The population density of the neighborhood is 96% higher than San Antonio. Most of the population, 80.97%, is Caucasian while 2.56% of the population is African American. In Prospect Hill 0.17% of the population is Asian. American Indians and other groups comprise a total of 16.30% of the total population.

Regarding income sources, the majority, 70%, reports making a living on a regular salary while 3% of the residents say they live on their investments and, another 3% on public assistance funds. A total of 45% of the neighbors report living on their Social Security and retirement pensions. Finally, 11% say they have another, not specified, source of income.

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Safety is becoming a real concern for many residents in the area. For the year of 2016, there were almost 10,000 crimes per every 100,000 people in the Prospect Hill zone. That figure triples the national rate, which was 2,83 crimes per 100,000 people that year. The probabilities for a resident of Prospect Hill of becoming the victim of any crime is 1 out of 11. As a result, the neighborhood gets low rankings regarding safety. However, residents and authorities are trying to tackle the problem. Opening new police precincts, getting community participation in prevention programs and other initiatives are under consideration to face the rising crime levels.

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